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The Rick Hill Imports Team

Our Porsche Team

Our professional team will be delighted to provide you with advice and assistance.

Rick Hill

Rick Hill | Dealer Principal

Russ Salyer

Russ Salyer | e-Commerce Director

Russ Salyer is our e-Commerce Director at RHI and has been with us since 2013.  He is a US Navy veteran and a computer whiz.  He began his business career in Corporate Finance with Toshiba in 1987. That same year, Russ also began his Professional  indoor soccer career in the CSL/SISL, later becoming the USISL.  After his retirement from soccer in 1995, he relocated to Kingsport. 

Over the past 25 years, Russ has worked extensively in Print Media Design, Animation, and Web Development. He served as Webmaster for Charter Communications before starting his own independent design firm in 1999. His biggest motivators in life are his family and his work, both which Russ takes great pride in. He is always trying to make a difference wherever he is.

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Mike Fraysier

Mike Fraysier | Sales Manager

Mike Fraysier has been our General Manager for 11 years now, and began working for Don Hill Pontiac in 1984. His biggest motivation in life is his daughter, Leslie. Mike values honesty and fairness, and enjoys putting people in luxurious cars for the best deal possible.  Mike believes at the end of the day, the most important asset to a business are the lifelong customers made through fair and honest deals.

Phone: 423.224.2112 • Email:

David Faust

David Faust | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Dave Faust is our Pre-Owned Sales manager and has been with us for almost 15 years.  Dave has had a life-long career with cars, working for Subaru, Ford, Chevrolet, and others. Dave appreciates straightforwardness and honesty. His biggest motivation is his faith and his family, his wife and daughter. Dave believes that creating customers for life is of upmost importance.

Dave enjoys his job because of the many challenges a manager faces. He likes dealing with great people and a great product. Dave lives by golden rule, and treats everyone the way he would expect to be treated, with fairness honesty, and kindness. He serves in the Audio/Visual department at his church, Glen Alpine United Methodist.

Phone: 423.224.2123 • Email:

Gary Munt

Gary Munt | Desk Manager

Phone: 423.224.2097 • Email:

Jerry Godsey

Jerry Godsey | Client Advisor

Jerry Godsey has been a Certified Sales Professional at Rick Hill Porsche for over 16 years. He has an in-depth knowledge of Porsche history and  is a notable authority on all Porsche Models.  

Jerry has been happily married for 10 years and has an 8 year-old daughter, Molly. Jerry and his family reside in Kingsport.

Phone: 423.224.2115 • Email:

CJ Hill

CJ Hill | Porsche Customer Experience Manager

Phone: 423.224.2261 • Email:

Wayne Ram

Wayne Ram | Service Manager

Wayne Ram has been the Service Manager at Rick Hill Imports for little over a year now. Born and raised in Australia, Wayne has been with Porsche his entire career and has enjoyed working with cars since he was young.  Before settling in Tennessee, Wayne worked in several places including Naples Florida, San Francisco, Pasadena California, and even England. He spent a few years working with a Formula One racing team and actually began his career as a Porsche mechanic. Wayne spends his free time working on cars and motorcycles.

Wayne is a highly motivated and loyal individual who is always looking to move forward and achieve more. Wayne strives to make a difference in everything he does, and strongly believes that servicing your car should be and can be a positive experience!

Phone: 423.224.2100 • Email:

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson | Service Advisor

Jeff Wilson has been with RHI for 4 years now as a Service Advisor. Before RHI, Jeff worked for 18 years at GameStop and two years Grindstaff Auto Group. With the help of his wife Jackie, Jeff has raised two daughters. Jeff is a problem solver, and enjoys working with customers to address their issues. Jeff values honesty more than anything (in a market not known for that quality).

Phone: 423.224.2110 • Email:

Dean Hughes

Dean Hughes | Service Advisor

Phone: 423.224.2118 • Email:

Adam Horton | Porsche Service Technician

Phone: 423.224.2120 • Email:

Lee Allen | Parts Manager

Phone: 423.224.2117 • Email:

Angela Goins

Angela Goins | Warranty Administrator

Angela “Nicole” Goins has been our Warranty Administrator for 5 years. Her responsibilities include warranties, employee payroll, assigning loaner cars to customers, and aiding in the service department. Before joining the RHI family, Nicole spent 11 years working for Alley Dealerships.  Her son, Holden, is her biggest motivator. She believes that honesty and integrity are the most important virtues to possess. Nicole is an integral part of our team who takes pride in her job and enjoys meeting the needs of people.

Phone: 423.224.2109 • Email:

Belvia Thomas

Belvia Thomas | Office Manager

Belvia Thomas has been the Office Manager and head accountant at RHI for over 18 years. Starting her career as a cashier at Brendalls Retail, she worked her way up to the head accountant and spent 19 years there. Belvia is a people-person who values her family, friends, and work more than anything. She loves getting to know customers and establishing relationships with them.

Phone: 423.224.2113 • Email:

Schevollia Harris

Schevollia Harris | Receptionist

Phone: 423.224.2100 • Email: